Got a challenging creative project
with a tight deadline?

Tired of doing things the hard way?


Would you like to complete your creative project on time?

Do you need to stay positive and happy?

Would you like to  create while being in The Flow, aka The Zone?

What’s this about The Flow?

Create in the Flow

Create in the Flow

You can glide through your creative project while in The Flow. Optimize your fun, creativity, and productivity.

Total Focus

When you are in The Flow, you are totally focused on one activity. You can lose track of time. You might even forget to eat!

Here are a few things you can Create in The Flow!

Advertising Campaigns  •   Building Designs  •   Business Startups  •   Business Turnarounds  •   Camping Trip Plans  •   Enhanced Beingness  •   Guided Tours  •   Honeymoon Plans  •   Inventions  •   Landscape Designs  •   Lean Startup Businesses  •   Lean Startup Products  •   Marketing Plans  •   Menus  •   More Creativity  •   More Happiness  •   Movies  •   Music  •   Music Concerts  •   New Friendships  •   Novels  •   Parties  •   Product Launches  •   Promotional Events  •   Renewed Friendships  •   Screenplays  •   Shopping Center Designs  •   Subdivision Designs  •   System Architectures  •   Television Shows  •   Vacations  •   Wedding Plans

And there are many more!

What would life be like if you were In The Flow while doing your creative project?

What would you be doing?

How would you feel?

You can use The Mozart Flow™ to evolve yourself as a more creative person.


Compose your masterpiece!

Use the various musicians (tools) of The Mozart Flow™. Or create your own as you progress.

Orchestrate Creative Flow!

Gracefully Orchestrate Your Creations

Gracefully Orchestrate Your Creations

Play different elements of Mozart Flow just like you're orchestrating different musicians.

Gracefully Conduct Your Creative Symphony!

Selectively use one element of Mozart Flow™. Then use another. And another …

This flow of creative evolution feels wonderful!

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Discover Your (Your Team’s) Creativity


You are much more creative than you think!

In fact, you can think less and create more. If we can suspend reason and perfectionism for a while, we can have significant surges of creativity.

Tight Deadline?

Would you like to do your creative project in The Flow? Will you commit the time and resources to get it done?

Jim Kitzmiller

Jim Kitzmiller

For a very limited time, you can get coaching on using Mozart Flow to complete your creative project quickly.
Create in the Flow!

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