Movie Feel Good Review – A Good Year

Movie Feel Good Review – In this engaging movie Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) is a ruthless stock trader driven by greed. His dishonesty comes second nature and permeates his entire being. Will he ever change his ways?

Max is raised by his loving Uncle Henry at a beautiful winery in France.

As a child, he cheats his uncle at chess. And his Uncle Henry knows it.

Max doesn’t want to learn by losing. He just can’t stand to lose. Losing makes him bitter to no end.

Cut to an executive business office in London. Max greets his employees by shouting "hello lab rats!" And he means it. He doesn’t seem to really like anyone. He hires people because they are uncaring and greedy.

He proceeds to direct his people to sell billions of dollars in bonds. Others see the drop in prices and dump their own shares. This drives the price down quickly. At the ideal moment, Max buys it all back at a much lower price. The result was a transfer of about $70 million dollars from other people to Max.

The hate mail comes pouring in. Max is gloating.

After not having spoken to his uncle for ten years, Max learns that his uncle has passed away without leaving a will. As the only known relative, Max inherits the chateau. Although he doesn’t want to leave London during his time of triumph, he is persuaded to travel to the winery in France to claim his inheritance.

A whole new set of troubles begin starting with trying to find the winery is a tiny rental car using a GPS that speaks French.

Although there are endless mishaps, Max will never admit to having a problem.

Max continues his ruthless behavior while in France. Will he ever change? What can change him? Will memories of Uncle Henry help? What about the beautiful countryside? What can help a man reunite with his soul?

Movie Feel Good Review: I highly recommend this movie. It’s filled with passion, peace, chemistry, deceit, honesty, romance, and love. And possibly doing the right thing.

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Movie Feel Good Review: Good movie. Worth seeing.