Abraham-Hicks Exercises

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Abraham Hicks appreciation exercises could quickly bring you to a state of joy. Well perhaps they could.

The exercises in the back of “Ask and It Is Given” have been a dependable way to raise the way I feel. The book has a smorgasbord of 22 exercises to lift your spirits and your emotions. And they can enhance the way you experience life.

You can select the exercise(s) that fit your mood level. For example, if you happen to be feeling in the pits, you can select one or more exercises that will help you get out of the pits.

Once you’ve risen …

you can select another exercise that is appropriate for your better feeling mood. That will take you even higher. If you keep following this approach, you can get yourself out of a funk fairly quickly.

Once you’re feeling good, you don’t have to stop there. There is no limit to how good you can feel. The temptation is to stop once you start feeling good.

You can certainly kick back and enjoy your wins for the rest of the day. However, if you practice these Abraham-Hicks appreciation exercises daily, you’ll keep feeling better and better.

Accentuate the Positive

The vast majority of self-help systems emphasize getting rid of mental and emotional garbage. But what you put your attention on expands.

In other words, if you keep looking for mental and emotional garbage, you’ll find it. Without end.

The Abraham-Hicks appreciation exercises keep adding positives. When you keep doing this, you get on a real roll and keep finding more good stuff. This puts you on a rocket ride to the good life.

You enter the good life and it keeps getting better and better.

By the way, this is one of the most powerful, simplest, and safest ways for you to improve your life experience.

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Have you done any of these exercises yourself?

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