The Age of Love

Mankind is evolving from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus. This is a state of existence based on love with reason thrown in when appropriate.

There is no mental churning. There is peace of mind.

There is little conflict. People love each other.

There is no “what’s in it for me?”. There’s a viewpoint of mutual respect and admiration. This is a pay it forward economic system.

The economic system is evolving from one where banks create money and loan it at interest. In the new system banks create money and give it to all people equally. There is no debt because people know that money is to be created to support the overall economy; it is not created for the benefit of the money creators.

Governments are flourishing because the people are flourishing. There is no government debt because people have lots of money to pay taxes. Government expenses are less because there are few people needing government assistance.

The military budget is minimal because there is no war. The military is more like a public service organization. Much of the military duty and training involves spiritual exercises for the overall raising of consciousness of society.

You might have heard of the experiments where large groups of people prayed or meditated together for many hours per day. There was a significant reduction of crime in the surrounding areas.

This is the true function of the military in an enlightened society.

My unpublished novel Duke Blisser and the Meditating Marines tells the story of a group of friends who go to Camp Pendleton and teach the Marines to meditate. There is a widespread breakout of peace. Although the novel is fiction, the basic principle holds true.

Politicians and judges are ethical. Laws are passed and interpreted for the common good. Unjust laws are overturned. There is an elimination of genetically altered food and a return of natural foods on the farms.

There is no need for health insurance. People have enough money to pay for the health care of their choice, not just the health care empowered by legislation and insurance companies.

There is abounding health and few accidents as people are freed from the stress of a loan driven economic system.

People have all the paid work they want. And there is abundant money for people to buy the fruits of each others’ labors of love.

Love abounds in society. Entertainment is at a whole new level. People don’t really need entertainment. They simply see beauty and love everywhere. There is a tremendous joy in interacting with others.

However, the arts are at a major new high. There is a renaissance throughout all of society – not just in a select few. People have an enormous capacity to love the creative works of others. Although blockbuster movies continue, there is a flourishing of low budget movies and multi-media productions.

Artists easily sell their works because of the free economic system and the enormous capacity of people to appreciate art.

Most people are already renaissance people and the others admire them and are undergoing their own personal renaissance.

Artistic expression is everywhere.

People communicate freely with tremendous mutual respect.

Love abounds.

Is all this really possible? Yes it is. At a personal level we can experience this with regular spiritual exercises. We can live our lives based on the principle of kindness to all forms of life in all circumstances.

Kindness raises the happiness of the giver, the receiver, and the witnesses.

As we evolve we help others evolve. We simply be who we are and recognize the Divine Essence in others.

With love,
Jim Kitzmiller