Movie Feel Good Review – Antitrust

Movie Feel Good Review – In this high tech thriller from the dot com era, Milo Hoffman (Ryan Phillippe) is a super computer genius who had been planning a startup company with his friends.

However, billionaire Gary Winston (Tim Robbins) persuades Milo to join his efforts to be the first to market with an all encompassing world wide communication system that links to every device.

The only problem is that Winston will stop at nothing. His company, N.U.R.V. ("Never Underestimate Radical Vision"), is poised for a major rocket ride if it can make a deadline. This fast paced mystery keeps you on the edge of your seat as the tension builds throughout the video.

Although this DVD rental will be loved by geeks, it is quite suitable for regular movie fans. The film raises questions about the controversial issue of giant software companies vs. the Open Source movement.

Open Source is a philosophy as well as a vast collection of software collaboratively built by hard working, talented programmers all over the world. Their idea is that knowledge should be shared.

As the tension builds, the viewer wonders who can he trust. Who is honest and who will betray you?

Can a band of undercapitalized geeks take on a corporate giant? Can they do it from their garage?

Movie Feel Good Review: Intelligent and thrilling. Go for it.