The Avatar Course Lineup

The Avatar Course lineup is a one of the most powerful self development systems available. I’m an Avatar Master / Professional / Wizard.

The objectives of the courses is to help you:

  • manage your own attention
  • discreate limitations
  • create the life you wish

You can do the thirty-two consciousness exploration exercises in the Avatar Course ReSurfacing Book. You can get this by itself or as part of a Power Package that includes a hard copy of Living Deliberately.

There are additional courses delivered by Avatar Masters and Trainers. These courses include.

The Avatar Course Section I (ReSurfacing)

Based on the ReSurfacing book, this course is presented by an Avatar Master. It’s usually delivered with a group. Often many masters come together and deliver the course to a large group of students.

Although you could certainly benefit from doing the course on your own, you’ll benefit even more from doing the course in the empowering group environment.

The Avatar Course Section II  

This section of the course gets your attention out of your head and opens the doorway to creating your own life. You let go of factors that tend to isolate you from others.

The Avatar Course Section III

This is extremely powerful material. You learn to discreate blocks that have been impeding your life. This includes emotions and beliefs. You learn one basic process that you use throughout all the Avatar Courses. This basic process is applied in various ways in a series of “rundowns”.

You finish the course in a very ascended state of extreme peace.

The Avatar Master Course

This is where you learn to deliver the Avatar Course to others. However, there are some very significant exercises that will help you in every phase of life.

You learn how to empower others without touching them or saying anything. This is absolutely amazing. This is the way to go through life. I use this throughout the meditation retreats that I offer personally.

You learn and practice an extremely powerful process to eliminate inner conflicts and outer conflicts.

My experience was that other people got a lot friendlier after I started using this process.

The Avatar Master Internship

This is where you deliver the Avatar Course to your students under the supervision of experienced trainers. This brings breakthroughs in personal responsibility and productivity.

The Avatar Professional Course

This seven day course is a major gift to yourself.

You become even more skilled at empowering others. In the process, you start experiencing life in a magical state of wonder.

You learn and practice a special process that reduces your separation from your true self as well as separation from others.

The Avatar Wizard Course
This thirteen day course is delivered once a year in the Orlando, Florida area. When you do this, you are in a room with over 1,000 people doing highly advanced work in consciousness. The course is truly amazing.

The entire Avatar Course lineup can be quite powerful and effective.

If you’re willing to discipline yourself, you can get similar benefits through various letting go techniques.

Many of the meditations on this website have been created after gaining realizations from the Avatar Course lineup.

You have to start out in reasonably good condition in order to benefit from these courses. There are other systems, such as Transformational Breathing, that work on anybody.

You can click here to see a partial list of my various consciousness explorations.