Movie Feel Good Review – Bee Season

Movie Feel Good Review – Do you want to examine what’s really important in life and what is not. The Bee Season can get your wheels turning.

Saul Naumann (Richard Gere) is a religion professor and a highly dedicated Kabbalah scholar. However, his wife and two children each seem to be going in their own ways. These are ways different from his.

His wife (Juliette Binoche) for the most part is falling out of communication and mysteriously disappears for hours at a time.

Saul’s 11 year old daughter Eliza (Flora Cross) surprisingly starts winning spelling bees. Saul ignores the rest of the family and starts teaching esoteric Kabbalah principles to Eliza in order to help her go all the way to the top in spelling bees.

The film continues with a portrayal of how the emotionally abandoned wife and son cope in their various ways. The son Aaron (Max Minghella) starts on a path totally foreign to Saul. En route he befriends a young lady named Chali (the angelic Kate Bosworth).

Young Eliza gets increasing pressure for perfection and is exposed to highly powerful spiritual principles.

It’s quite a study to see the family see-saw between closeness and separation as the movie unfolds.

This DVD rental presents life lessons in many categories while holding you spellbound.

Movie Feel Good Review – Not suitable for young children because of a passionate scene. Fascinating study of human interaction. Definitely worth seeing.