Movie Feel Good Review – Casino Royale

One of the great movies is Casino Royale. In this remake of an earlier James Bond movie, Daniel Craig walks in some pretty big shoes previously worn by Sean Connery.

Near the beginning of the movie Bond earns his 00 status. He raises havoc by following a low level terrorist into an embassy while blowing up everything in site. He also raises the eyebrows of the boss, M, played by Judi Dench.

As expected, there is action galore. Craig, as the new James Bond, provides a tremendously muscular and athletic physique for the benefit of the female audience. As in all available Bond movies, there are beautiful offerings for the male eyes. This is quite true of the female lead, Eva Green.

The film begins and continues with highly intense action and repeated demonstrations of athletic prowess. It seems that the cast was comprised of Olympic athletes.

The movie takes a mental, psychological turn when Bond meets the leading lady. The relationship begins as a battle of the intellect and the psyche as each seems to read the other thoroughly with a scant supply of highly astute observations.

The high stakes game begins with a poker game with ten players, each bringing fifteen million dollars. Bond astutely states that he’s not playing cards. He’s playing the other player.

It’s a battle of the wits and the soul as each player seems to be looking into the other’s soul.

Movie Feel Good Review: Really liked it. It’s well worth seeing.