Am I A Computer Junkie?

The unthinkable happened this morning. I couldn’t get on my computer. After a check of emails this morning, I dutifully shut down my computer so I could take it on my morning routine. I would have a breakfast in a local restaurant and then head to Panera Bread – my unofficial office. As I was […] Read more »

Freedom from Self Overwhelm

As self-help advocates we tend to overwhelm ourselves by placing the weight of the world on our shoulders. After all we’re responsible people. Right? Self-help systems take us beyond the victim level. We become self-determined. We have great intentions. We have compassion. We want to help others. When does responsibility end? Where does overwhelm begin? […] Read more »

Transformational Breathing

Transformational Breathing is one of my all time favorite self-help systems. I lived next to the Optimum Health Institute of San Diego for seven years. This is where I first learned of Transformational Breathing in classes led by Wendy Rudell. I quickly trained up through Level 5 with Judith Kravitz, the founder of Transformational Breath […] Read more »