Meditation Testimonials

Some of my guided meditations were on YouTube for over three years. After over a half milliion plays with feedback of appreciation, these meditations are available in MP3 format as downloads for your benefit and convenience. Listen to them in your MP3 player or your computer. You can also play them on this website.

Here is a small sample of the feedback. This does not include recent testimonials.

obfsteve – Jim, Deceptively simple but profound. I started with this one and then found others and your website, Meditation Vacations. I found the information there interesting, valuable, and generously given. I’ve told many friends of this video. I’ll let them discover more of your work from here, as I did, if they choose. I’ll not try to force feed them, although I did them a heads up for this as starting point. I’ve been around the block with meditation stuff, and this is just the best!

Timgfan – Whenever I do this meditation, I have tears streaming down my face. I weep with the beauty of the potential that this feeling could bring love to the world. I imagine people I have difficulty tolerating (like George W) doing this or being surrounded by this love (I imagine a mother’s love) and I just convert it to “God’s” love. It’s the most powerful organic thing in the world.

djm6402 – voila! /// INSTANT RELIEF

Peaches111A – ditto…i feel sooooo content…i think i’m gonna do this during math class just before i test. then i won’t need to worry about flunking ^^

FaceVentura – i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo relaxed that was seriously amazing

GreggaryPeccary – Wow, that was the most effective meditation I`ve ever had!!! You sink into the Self immediately!

mayasem – Very good meditation!! Thanks!!

dreams2manifest – Wow that was amazing! Thanks! You know it made me think about quantom machanics when you said the word observing…I remembered them saying something about when a particle is observed…it changes. Thanks!

jenandjuice22 – This was the best part of my day! Thank you!

mayasem – This feels good!! thx for sharing this.

unis2006 – wow this was great…I dont meditate but it made me feel so peaceful.
peacepalace – Thanks for the meditation, very simple and relaxing. Everything including our body is just the way it is. That’s all their is to know. 🙂

akintock – Thank You very much!!! it initiated my all inner spiritual levels.

Mawachi – Thank you. That took off a lot of my anxiety.

grantas1983  – thank you very much, it helps me alot.

megalosauru  – great, we observe our inner soul

clearviewmind  – Great. On observing my outer sourroundings i began to see clearer that everything is mere imputation of mind – The external things of my room are’nt actually external, but an internal reflection of mind experienced through the 5 senses.

rappersdelyte  – great. thanks.