Movie Feel Good Review – Come Early Morning

Movie Feel Good Review – In Come Early Morning, Ashley Judd plays Lucy, a lost 30 something lady whose life is defined by a series of one night stands. She never seems to learn a guy’s middle name. She doesn’t learn much more other than she wants to get out of a guy’s place early in the morning.

This movie starts slowly, but it sneaks up on you. Having a bunch of scene’s strung together without much in the way of sensible transitions, the movie doesn’t have much of a smooth flow. However, it does get it’s point across.

It’s about getting your own act together. It’s about setting your own boundaries and letting others have their’s. It’s about making your own decision about when to get close. It’s about being real. It’s about being honest with oneself.

This DVD rental will show you excellent portrayals of how different people interact in their own personal ways. There is the emotionally unavailable father who is hiding his talents from the world. This cripples his own joy while depriving the world of uplifting music.

You’ll see the quibbling old couple who break through ancient control issues.

You’ll see the jerk at the bar. And then you’ll see another sensible guy who refuses to get in the middle of someone else’s problems.

And you’ll witnessing the emergence of self acceptance accompanied by forgiveness. You’ll see the acceptance of one’s own power.

Knock and the door shall be opened. However, you have to walk in.

You can check out the movie trailer below.

Movie Feel Good Review: I liked it. There’s some good life lessons.