Joyful, reinforced discovery spawns learning and creativity

This is much more powerful than you might have imagined. You probably have heard of the Law of Effect – what you reinforce becomes stronger. Or you get more of what you reinforce. This is sometimes called the Law of Attraction.

However, this is somewhat of a limited view. In addition to attracting we are uncovering more of what is already there.

Here’s how it works. We notice something in our physical environment and describe it verbally or in writing. As we describe that we notice more to describe. This can go on without limit.

We can begin with describing physical objects. And we continue with describing mental images. As we describe these mental images we notice more and more about them.

It’s been said that we use only a tiny portion of our brains. That tiny portion is the logical, verbal part of our brains. The vast unused portion is mostly related to images. This image portion is immensely vast and powerful. It contains “unthought of” creative solutions to problems. It contains creativity beyond problem solving. It contains information on anything we’ve experienced.

We get more of what we reinforce. One way to reinforce these awarenesses is to speak them or write them in detail. We describe them without stopping to evaluate them. We let the descriptions unfold (come through us) in a stream of consciousness fashion.

I believe that regular practice can help us live in a whole new world.

Joyful, reinforced discovery spawns learning and creativity.

Your friend,