Movie Feel Good Review – Dreamgirls

Movie Feel Good Review – This foot-tapping, body-moving video should be on your must see list.

This is a musical film about people in the music business. Many of the scenes are centered around performances on stage. There is also singing woven right into the plots. This is reminiscent of the 1950s MGM musicals where almost everything is sung.

However, the music is more like the rock and roll of the 50s and 60s.

I heard Eddie Murphy imitate James Brown on an old Saturday Night Live rerun. He was really good. And he’s really good in Dreamgirls. He’s not the only one who can sing in this movie.

You also have Jamie Foxx who won best actor Oscar for playing Ray Charles.

And then you have the beautiful Beyonce Knowles who is a fantastic singer in anybody’s book.

This is my first acquaintance with the singing of Jennifer Hudson. And she is amazing.

The whole cast if wonderful.

If you include this great movie among your DVD rentals, you’ll feel your body wanting to move from the beginning to end. The songs and the music are wonderful. You wind up feeling good, which is the major criterion for ratings on this website.

And there is a plot complete with emotional interactions, betrayals, back stabbing, ego trips, hurt feelings, enforcement of honesty, bouncing back, forgiveness, and personal redemption.

I especially enjoyed a scene where everyone walked away from somebody who started taking drugs. This might be a good lesson for the kids.

This is a great movie that is now on my list of favorites.

You might want to take a look at the movie trailer below.

Movie Feel Good Review: Great, uplifting movie with life lessons.