How to Go From Economic Paralysis to Creative Action

Our economy stinks because the money creators place too much money in the hands of a few of their favorite people. They drain money from people through loan payments. And they don’t place enough money in the hands of people in general.

We’ve seen the results personally. Many of our friends have valuable services and products. They know people who would like their services and products. Yet nothing happens because it seems that nobody has money.There are ways to get around this.

People sit in a sort of paralysis. They sit idle when they would rather be working doing something they love.

Airplanes fly with empty seats. Radio advertising slots go unused. Consultants have empty time slots in their calendars. Massage therapists don’t give massages. The list goes on.

When these opportunities are gone, they are gone forever. The ten o’clock time slot goes by with nobody benefitting. Stuff doesn’t get made. People don’t get transported. They don’t get massages.

The whole society loses when creativity, productivity, or delivery are shut down due to lack of money.

What Can We Do?

Excellent question. Although we will continue to use money when necessary, we can also do stuff without money. Possibilities include:

  • Pay it forward (The “Pay It Forward” movie shows people simply doing something to help another with no expectation of personal return. The recipient of the goodies is expected to help someone else.)
  • Barter
  • Charity
  • Labors of love donated for free. We’ve seen this with Open Source Software development. And it takes place in many ways we don’t see.

A widespread practice of the above will help the world in general. And it might just help each of us. The giver gets a sense of fulfillment, work experience, and good job references. And the giver just might get something in return.

Good Questions to Ask

After briefly explaining my intentions, I’ll be asking people the following questions. You might like to do the same.

  • How can we help each other?
  • Do you know someone who has something they aren’t using fully? Examples might be a house, office space, productivity tools, or their time.
  • Do you know someone who wants something I have or something I can produce?
  • Do you know someone who has something I might want?

You can probably come up with many more ideas of your own.

I really would appreciate your ideas and experiences. Please feel free to write a reply below.

May the bliss be with you.

Your friend,