Movie Feel Good Review – Fantastic 4

Movie Feel Good Review – The Fantastic 4 are superheroes who gained their super powers while accidently running into an explosion of gamma rays while on a space voyage. Each gained their own unique power.

The movie includes Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) who becomes Mr. Fantastic. He’s the guy who can stretch his body like a rubber band. You never know when you might want to do that.

His girlfriend Sue Storm (Jessica Alba) becomes the Invisible Woman although she is one of the last people you would like to become invisible.

Her brother, Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) becomes the Human Torch who can ignite himself to incredible temperatures with no adverse side effects. Only in the movies.

And finally Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis) becomes a powerful monster, The Thing, who can lift just about anything.

The bad guy of the film is their boss Doctor Doom (Julian McMahon), turned his incredible talents to serve his serious control issues. He’s getting even for having his financial backers withdraw after the space accident. He sets himself on a mission for domination.

To complicate matters, both Doctor Doom and Reed have romantic interests in Sue Storm. The plot thickens.

The foursome enter the realm of fame rather quickly as they avert a major disaster on the bridge. It’s quite a study in human character to see how the new circumstances mold each person’s character.

In this DVD rental, the Human Torch loves to be in the limelight. He absolutely soaks up the fame and adoration. He immediately takes maximum advantage of the fame and the women.

The Thing had a major life downturn due to his massive change in appearance. However, in major life crises we sometimes lose old friends and make room for new ones.

Mr. Fantastic humbly takes on the role of leader and is forced to become honest about his feelings for the Invisible Woman.

This film is one more Marvel Comic creation that made it to the silver screen. And I’m happy that it did. As with other Marvel DVD Rentals, this is just plain fun.

Leave your critical editor in the closet and enjoy this fantasy.

Movie Feel Good Review: It’s just plain fun. Go for it.