Freedom from Stuff

One of the greatest tyrants in my own life has been the stuff that surrounded me. Stuff to the left of him. Stuff to the right of him. Into the valley of stuff rode the would-be hero.

As a computer entrepreneur I collected books and papers that supposedly would support my efforts at financial conquest. As a would-be health expert I collected books and articles that I would read some day. As a spiritual student I collected masses of books, papers, and tape sets that would support my enlightenment. Actually some of those really helped my spiritual growth.

My potential Armageddon wasn’t from fire. It was from a possible avalanche of stuff.

Hermes said “As above so below. As below so above.” You might say that having a lot of stuff in the physical plane corresponds to having a lot of stuff in the mental and emotional planes.

Although I was a legend in my own mind, I wound up getting evicted from my apartment shortly after the dot com crash.

I was able to put some stuff into a five by ten storage room. And I was able to give away some stuff. But most of it wound up in the dumpsters. There simply wasn’t enough time to get it all into dumpsters before the sheriff would arrive at my doorstep. If I happened to be there, he would exercise force to get me away from my former home and my beloved stuff.

However, I did have the time to drop my college diplomas into the dumpster. I did this with little ceremony. But it was quite a turning point in my life. All of that so-called education didn’t do me much good. Here was this “educated”, hard working, “spiritually advanced”, well meaning person becoming homeless.

You would think that this would devastate me.

The surprise was that my last walk out of my home brought an unbelievable sense of freedom. Heavy mental and emotional energy lifted off of me. Everything looked bright and alive. I felt bright and alive. I was bright and alive.

Life became an adventure, a series of great learning experiences, and a fast track to bliss. But that’s another story.

May the bliss be with you.