Good Things Are Coming Your Way

A lot has been going on recently. There’s been a ton of behind the scenes work to bring you more life enhancing information and exercises.

Our email system is in transition. If you’ve enjoyed the Conscious Tweets emails, you’ll be happy to know that these will start again soon. Depending on how you look at it, more good news is that the series of tweets will start again from the beginning.

This blog has new features that will make it possible to deliver online courses to you.

The upcoming courses include:

  • From Stress to Inner Peace: This five month course has weekly lessons and simple exercises that you can use immediately to bring relief and inner peace.
  • Personal Evolution: This is a series of seven courses that help the student evolve from pawn to high level spiritual being.

This blog has a new look. The same great content is still here. And much more is on the way. However, the blog in the process of reorganizing – the info is more readily accessible to you.

May the bliss be with you.

Your friend,
Jim Kitzmiller