Law of Attraction – Gratitude, Blessings, and Acceptance

The Law of Attraction has swept the self-help world. You’ve probably experienced it yourself. You’ve been on a roll with gratitude. It seems that the more you’re grateful for, the more blessings you get.

I’m grateful to God for the means to help people experience life in a happier way. And I’m grateful to you for the wonderful feedback. Thank you so much.

The other day I went into my favorite coffee shop and bought just a cup of coffee. This happened to be the wonderful situation of being the right person in the right place at the right time.

The cashier gave me two souffles. They had apparently reached their expiration time. They would either wind up in the garbage or my stomach. My stomach was the winner. As always I radiated gratitude and thanked my new friend.

This happened again the following morning.

The third morning I stood in line for the cashier so I could place my coffee order. My friend filled a tray with two souffles, a coffee cup, and handed it to me while I was in line.

My response was a heartfelt thank you. But it also contained a feeling of guilt.

“Who am I to receive all these goodies without paying money?” The guilt feeling was very strong. It accompanied me to my usual booth where I sat down with my writing device.

Fortunately I knew how to let go of things. So I spent a good part of the day letting go.

Then I was wondering if these gifts came because of the way I looked. Depending on your viewpoint you might think that I looked like a homeless person, a mountain man, or a guru. So I got a haircut and a beard trim.

When I came today my friend didn’t say anything about the new look. But she still gave me two free souffles.

The gift gave me the opportunity to demonstrate the amazing scope of gratitude, blessings, and acceptance.

Guilt stands in the way of acceptance. Letting go of guilt opens up acceptance. It also empowers more gratitude and blessings.

You’ve heard the old saying “It’s better to give than to receive.”

But it’s vital to be willing to receive.

Receiving empowerment gives us more ability to give.

We can give first priority to service. We can accept empowerment in order to give more.

This isn’t saying that you have to give anything at all. Many people don’t.

But there can be pure joy in giving to people who receive in gratitude. People like to help you when you live in gratitude.

Some of the greatest gifts include unconditional love, attentive listening, and other forms of empowerment.

And when we empower others, we let go of guilt and become more willing to accept the goodies.