Levels of Consciousness – A Different Look

Classification of consciousness is usually, and rightly so, based on the particular filter through which we observe and experience things. This is typically related to focus through an emotional level such as grief, fear, enthusiasm, etc.

However, we might consider that level consciousness relates to the physical focus of our attention.

Here is a scale of consciousness for your consideration. You can read it from the bottom up.

  • Identification with Divine Essence
  • Identification with Divine Essence filling space
  • Attention on Divine Essence filling space
  • Attention on space, energies, objects, feelings, and Divine Essence
  • Attention on space and all its’ contents
  • Attention on wider range of physical objects or feelings. Can be freely focused on a physical object or feeling of choice.
  • Attention directed to physical object or feeling of choice
  • Fixated on one physical object or feeling
  • Mental churning
  • Unconscious

This is worth exploring. There are spiritual processes that can move us from each level to the next higher level.

Your friend,
Jim Kitzmiller