Love on Four Legs

You might have experienced that some of the greatest unconditional love comes from our four legged friends. Dogs and cats can be especially loving.

One of my great life experiences was my year with my friend Violet. She was eighteen years old when we met. That was quite an advanced age for a dog. As a standard poodle she towered over the chihuahuas in the household.

After giving birth to about a half dozen litters, Violet went into retirement. She spent a year of that with me.

VioletViolet adopted me. She followed me everywhere. After being debarked by a previous owner, she didn’t say much. But I could feel her love.

When I was going through some extremely uncomfortable situations Violet was with me.

She didn’t have a degree in psychology. She never went to India to sit with a guru.

She gave no words of wisdom. No advice. She simply loved me. When things got rough, I saw her there just looking at me silently. It felt so good to be with her. I felt supported.

Unconditional love is free. You can’t put a price on it. It’s beyond measure. But it’s the greatest gift ever.

Violet is the standard poodle in the picture. The little friend on my lap is Tai Chi. That’s short for Tai Chihuahua. She lived in the same home with Violet and me.

I don’t know who said this first, but it rings true for me.

I hope to someday be as good as my dog thinks I am.

Violet has left us. She lived a long and loving life.

I’ll always love you Violet.

Your friend,