Movie Feel Good Review – The Man from Snowy River

Movie Feel Good Review – This 1982 film is one of my all time favorites.

It demonstrates courage, integrity, ego interactions, romance, ability, determination, and the full range of human emotions. This is all painted on a backdrop of beautiful music and breathtaking mountains and trees.

It’s a coming of age story where a friendly young man with incredible abilities runs into issues of acceptance and pride.

This masterpiece is based on the poem “The Man from Snowy River” by Banjo Patterson.

This movie stars Kirk Douglas in two roles – Harrison and Spur. Spur is a one legged, bearded mountain man who makes terrible wallaby stew. Harrison is an arrogant cattle baron.

Young Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) is forced down to the low lands so he can prove his worthiness to live in the rugged mountains near Snowy River. He is shocked to see Harrison who is a dead ringer for his friend Spur.

After gaining employment with Harrison, Craig slowly falls for Harrison’s daughter Jessica (Sigrid Thornton). The young mountain man is left behind when all the men go out in quest of horses.

Feeling rejected and insulted, the young horseman teams up with Jessica to break Harrison’s prize horse.

Harrison’s return brings a brash symphony of clashing egos. I don’t want to reveal too much.

One of my favorite movies, “The Man From Snowy River” is available through Blockbuster and Netflix.

Although it’s not a movie trailer, the following clip shows one of my favorite parts of the movie.

Movie Feel Good Review: A great movie rental. Go for it.