Meditation Benefits 90 Minute Q & A Video

This video recording gives you some tremendously useful information that will clarify your view of your spiritual path.

It will also give you a sample of the “theory” side of what you might expect on a spiritual retreat.

You can see and hear the recording right now by clicking here. It will open a new window.

Note: I am no longer working at the San Diego Life Center. We’re great friends, we’re working separately.

Here are some of the topics in this video.

  1. Free resources
  2. You can listen to a
  3. soft focus vs hard focus
  4. meditation and emotions
  5. how to free attention
  6. presence and memory
  7. meditation and negativity
  8. Law of Attraction (The Secret)
  9. Inner Peace
  10. Stress Reduction
  11. Meditation and Health
  12. Is the brain the same as the mind?
  13. Are the mind and soul the same?
  14. Does the soul really exist?
  15. Does the soul think?
  16. Imagination and reality?
  17. Flying
  18. Is there a God?
  19. Meditation and intelligence
  20. Exercises from A Course in Miracles
  21. How do bliss exercises work?
  22. Do we need to keep fixing ourselves?
  23. Writing as a consciousness exercise
  24. Brain fitness
  25. Speaking, consciousness, and happiness
  26. Formula for living
  27. Attention management
  28. 12 Step Programs
  29. Karma
  30. Past lives
  31. Power of imagination
  32. Infinite Love
  33. Getting sidetracked in the “gee whiz” stuff
  34. What is heaven?
  35. Does collective consciousness impact us?
  36. The influence of others on us
  37. Helping other people
  38. Intention and karma
  39. Best time to meditate
  40. Does it help to chant Om?
  41. How to recover from beating ourselves up
  42. The problem with almost all self-help systems
  43. How to handle the ego
  44. Is effort necessary?
  45. Are we divine?

You can see and hear the recording right now by clicking here. It will open a new window.

May the bliss be with you.

Your friend,
Jim Kitzmiller