Movie Feel Good Review – Footloose

Movie Feel Good Review – I’ve watched Footloose about a dozen times. I saw in on the old VHS tapes. I saw it in an off Broadway theater in New York City. I’ve watched it multiple times on DVD.

To top matters off, I played the closing scene about thirty times.

You might get the idea that I love this movie. And you’re right. And I’m not the only one. Countless high schools have presented it as a play.

This widely loved combination of drama, romance, excite, music, and dancing is yours whenever you wish.

I love the modern technology and the business structure that makes these wonders available to almost everyone.

After the initial opening credits with great music and dancing, the movie begins with a fire and brimstone preaching of Shaw Moore (John Lithgow) who condemns dancing as the root of potential destruction of the moral fiber of the youth. And of course, the music is equally sinful in his eyes.

This sets the scene for the basic plot.

Ren (Kevin Bacon) is the new kid in the small town of Beaumont. And he brings his big city mindset. Although he plays by the rules, he seems to get blamed for everything.

You’ll notice Rusty (a very young Sarah Jessica Parker) in her highly charming supporting role. Boy has she come a long way. She was good then and she’s great now.

Ren wants the senior class to have a high school dance. This is strictly taboo. So he spearheads an effort to legalize dancing within the City of Beaumont. With a growing support group, he takes his message to City Hall.

This film is overflowing with life lessons. One is to go for it. Do it legally. Do it peacefully. Have the guts to stand up and be heard.

This film is filled with great drama, great music, and great dancing, and pure joy.

Movie Feel Good Review: If you like being happy, see this movie.