Movie Feel Good Review – Good Night and Good Luck

Movie Feel Good Review – This true story of the battle between newsman Edward R. Murrow and Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy demonstrates the power of the spoken word.

Rhetoric, the effective use of language to please or persuade is often use to distort the truth. Perhaps the truth is distorted for personal gain or to support some personal position.

In this film, Edward R. Murrow (David Strathairn) used his journalistic power to take on the Senator in his campaign to spread the existing fear of communism.

Many innocent people lost their jobs. Hollywood celebrities lost their careers because of the paranoia back in the 1950s.

Having the guts to document the truth, Murrow risked his career in the pursuit of fairness and honesty.

This saga began when Murrow learned that an Air Force pilot, Milo Radulovich, lost his position due to unproven accusations about being a communist. After an exercise of courageous journalism, the reporter managed to get the pilot his job back.

Further in to the campaign for truth, Murrow devoted his half-hour CBS show making statements exposing McCarthy and his tactics. There was an open invitation to McCarthy to come onto the show to defend his position. The format was totally up to McCarthy’s discretion. McCarthy responded with attacks based on false data.

This movie is an excellent exposure of how false rhetoric can bring about mass hysteria and have a false impact on people’s lives. The good news is that documented truth can help counteract the damages.

Although this movie’s example is based on a national situation, the same principles apply in our jobs, our businesses, and our lives in general.

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Movie Feel Good Review – Very educational. A bit boring in places. However, it’s a very worthwhile film. Go for it.