Movie Feel Good Reviews

Movies, television, and videos are incredibly powerful tools to help us adjust the way we feel. All we have to do is make a good choice about what we watch and hear.

I really enjoy feeling good. In fact, I wrote a book on the subject.

In general, we might believe that movies that make us feel half dead (half alive) would be a poor choice.

However, if we are feeling only ten percent alive and ninety percent dead, a half alive movie might be a good choice. If we’re feeling hopeless or sad, a kick butt movie might be just the ticket.

Some movies might fall short in the feel good department, but perhaps they contain some major life lessons. The lesson might just be “get the heck out of oppressive circumstances” like in The Pianist.

Another lesson might be to “keep on going for it no matter what” as in Patton.

The lesson might be “you can do it” as in numerous teacher and coach movies.

A different lesson might be “Material stuff isn’t important. Beingness is important.” as in Kundun.

Every choice we make affects our lives and the lives of others. This includes the choice of DVD rentals. Hopefully these movie reviews will help you make life enhancing choices.

The reviews and ratings here might frequently differ from popular opinion. If something is depressing and offers no helpful life lessons, it will get a low rating in spite of box office. On the other hand, you might see some high ratings for movies that bombed in ticket sales.

As mentioned before, I really like feel good movies and TV shows.

Hopefully these reviews will help you make choices that lead to feeling better and better. You’re welcome to comment on the reviews.

What to Expect

  • I watch the entire DVD before reviewing it. Any exceptions will be mentioned right in the review.
  • I give you my honest opinion of the video as well as a star rating.
  • The reviews will mention how good the video invites you to feel.
  • You’ll know if there are any life lessons in the movie, television show, or musical. The evaluation might not explain what the lesson is.
  • Whenever possible, you’ll get a movie trailer.
  • The new movie reviews will appear at the top of the blog for this site.
  • You can keep up to date by subscribing to the feed. Please see the sidebar on any page.
  • Positive feedback will encourage me to keep going. So please feel free to leave a comment on a review page.

Happy viewing,

Jim Kitzmiller