Movie Feel Good Review – Mozart and the Whale

Movie Feel Good Review – This heartwarming film is a love story between two people with an autistic disorder called Asperger’s syndrome.

Donald (Josh Hartnett) cared enough to form a support group for people with a similar disorder. He leads the group from the power of love more than he does with any other leadership skills.

The entire group demonstrates the power of love and how it impacts the lives of oneself and others.

One magical day Isabella (Radha Mitchell) joins the group. When she recounts a tragic life changing event, only Josh seems to care. He understands even though he is far from a master of communications. True caring shines superior to technique.

It’s obvious that Josh is strongly attracted to Isabella. However, his astronomical shyness seems to get in the way of any possible relationship.

However, Isabella has the opposite character trait. She always blurts out what she feels without any forethought.

What happens to one, or in this case, two members of the group is the business of the entire group. The budding romance becomes the main focus of group interest.

A relationship would bring up the resistances and barriers of both of the love candidates. It takes tremendous courage to break through.

This DVD rental displays honesty at its’ finest. This is the kind of honesty that is required for real success in life, but is seldom achieved by many "normal" people.

This film is a lesson in life. If these two lovable people can raise their level of happiness, perhaps we can too.

Movie Feel Good Review: A great lesson in life. Go for it.