The One Minute Sabbatical for Stress Management

The Sabbath is a day of worship. A Sabbatical is typically a leave taken once every seven years. The leave might last as long as a full year.

However, if you wait too long, it’s possible to experience so much stress that you can totally lose yourself. Your productivity could fade.

You don’t have to wait seven years. You don’t have to wait seven days. You can take a one minute sabbatical every seven minutes.

Of course you’re not going to do this with a stopwatch. You can establish the practice of setting an intention to accomplish something in the next few minutes. When you’ve done that, you can take your one minute sabbatical.

How to Do a One Minute Sabbatical

This blog has many exercises that you can do in one minute. They’ll help you feel happier and more rejuvenated. Here’s another one.

Soften your focus and put your attention on the entire space around you. Imagine that the space and everything in it, including you, is filled with God’s Boundless Joy.

Do this for one minute.

That’s it. It’s all you have to do to make a fast, steady upgrade in your level of happiness. You have become a stress management practitioner.

It’s so easy.