Let Go of Struggle and Suffering

You can get private counseling from Jim Kitzmiller. The objective is not to “fix” things that are supposedly wrong. The objective is to simply let unwanted things go and focus attention on the Divine Essence that is everywhere.

Most self-help systems build a bigger and better false self / ego. You can save decades of “working on yourself” by looking at things differently. There is no need to swim through endless muck in order to eventually feel okay. Simply let go.

Many counselors charge $150 per hour or more. Unfortunately I’ll have to eventually do that myself. For now, let’s do something that’s workable for you. We can talk about it.

Please call me at 1-619-665-3659 or on Skype at jim.kitzmiller.

We can arrange to meet over the telephone or in person.

May the bliss be with you.

Your friend,
Jim Kitzmiller

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