Major Overhaul of the Blog and the Beard

If you’ve been to this blog before, you probably noticed that the blog has a new look. Hidden behind the scenes is the fact that the blog also has a lot more ability to serve you.

The look of a blog depends on what’s called a theme. And the choice of theme also has some impact on the functions that the blog can perform.

After a lot of scouting around, I found a blog theme that’s highly popular with my fellow geeks. It offers tremendous flexibility with the choices of how I can present information to you. And it doesn’t waste a lot of screen space.

As the blog grows, it will still be easy for you to find what you want.

How is the blog going to grow?

Glad you asked. Here are a few things that are coming in the near future.

  1. A video on Self Esteem, Self Confidence, and Self Image. It will explain what they are, how they differ, and what you can do about it.
  2. The ability to subscribe to blog posts by email. (Yes this is usually a no-brainer. However, I have to work around some bugs in the usual system for blogs to deliver email subscriptions.)
  3. Movie reviews based on how good they make you feel – not on box office or artistic presentation. Two years ago I created a website devoted to this. Those reviews will be brought into this blog.
  4. Some of my other websites will be merging into this blog. This will probably include the Meditation Vacations website and the Systems Mystic website. My geeky services website may also merge into this blog.

What about the beard?

My housemate attached barber shop coupons to my refrigerator door. Another friend made sure I knew the coupons were there. And I wasn’t sure why someone was giving me food. So it was time for a new look.

Farewell to the Father Time look, at least for now. However, Christmas is coming.

Your friend,