Giving Your self Approval for Self-Esteem and Inner Peace

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Along with control and survival, approval is one of the three basic human wants that keep us entrapped as the ego. It?s astonishing how far people will go for approval. The multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry is just one example. The clothing industry is another. The list goes on and on. People pattern their behavior based on what they think will get approval. And yes it’s common to subject ourselves to control to get approval. The amazing thing is that it?s incredibly effective to give ourselves approval. There?s no need to seek it anywhere else. This is powerful stuff. It can dissolve guilt and help us forgive ourselves. We can benefit from doing this several hours per day.

Here are additional Observer Meditations will help you step out of the small self and move toward your larger Self. You will find that problems drift away after you disidentify with the self that created them. You learn to step out of the dream.

Observing Your self – The best way to get out of a thinking frenzy or uncomfortable emotions is to simply step out. Huh? Yes! When you observe yourself you step out of all that stuff. Voila!!! Instant relief!!! In meditation, self observation is the most important and fundamental step. Unfortunately, many self help systems overlook this completely. The idea is to observe your self without judgment. Have you spent years trying to quiet your mind? Okay, let’s experience a quiet mind right now.

Giving Love – When we give our selves love, we open the floodgates for receiving love from others around us. When we love everything around us, we upgrade our entire life experience. This meditation is very relaxing.

Loving Others – This loving meditation expands your own power to love yourself and others. You call upon higher powers to love both you and a problem person in your life. You are in charge of the way you feel.

Perfect Self – When we see everything as its’ true essence, it’s all perfect the way it is. Seeing perfection includes seeing ourselves as perfect. The following guided meditation is a huge step in the right direction..

Body Image – One of the key factors in our life experience is our body image. How much do we accept our own bodies. Are we good enough to be ?? Are we good enough to have ?? Are we good enough to do ?? This depends entirely on our own self esteem. Although our bodies have something to do with how others treat us, the most important factor is how we view ourselves. What affect does acceptance have on our health? Many people believe that we have an energetic blueprint for our bodies. This energetic blueprint affects the condition of our bodies. The blueprint comes first. The actual body condition comes some time later. In the movie ?What the Bleep?, you saw microscopic pictures of water after the water was exposed to prayer, positive thoughts, and various negative emotions. The results were astonishing!!! The microscopic pictures of the water exposed to negative emotions and thoughts looked like a real mess. However, the pictures of the positive emotion exposed water looked like nature?s works of art. They were harmonious and beautiful. Imagine what effect emotions have on our body!!! Have you ever tried to fight off negativity? Our world can get smaller and smaller as we do that. Could there be a better way? We can observe something and accept it the way it is. If we really can do this, then magic happens. By accepting your body the way it is, you change the energetic blueprint of your body. And ? It feels good.

Handling Suppression, Psychic Attacks, and Judgments – Guided Meditation to handle suppression, judgment, and psychic attacks in a loving way. This guided meditation helps you handle your reactions to a problem person. It might not necessarily end attacks, but it will help you resolve any buildups of uncomfortable energy that such a person invites. Hope you enjoy the meditation.

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obfsteve – Jim, Deceptively simple but profound. I started with this one and then found others and your website, Meditation Vacations. I found the information there interesting, valuable, and generously given. I’ve told many friends of this video. I’ll let them discover more of your work from here, as I did, if they choose. I’ll not try to force feed them, although I did them a heads up for this as starting point. I’ve been around the block with meditation stuff, and this is just the best!

Timgfan – Whenever I do this meditation, I have tears streaming down my face. I weep with the beauty of the potential that this feeling could bring love to the world. I imagine people I have difficulty tolerating (like George W) doing this or being surrounded by this love (I imagine a mother’s love) and I just convert it to “God’s” love. It’s the most powerful organic thing in the world.

djm6402 – voila! /// INSTANT RELIEF

Peaches111A – ditto…i feel sooooo content…i think i’m gonna do this during math class just before i test. then i won’t need to worry about flunking ^^

FaceVentura – i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo relaxed that was seriously amazing

GreggaryPeccary – Wow, that was the most effective meditation I`ve ever had!!! You sink into the Self immediately!

mayasem – Very good meditation!! Thanks!!

dreams2manifest – Wow that was amazing! Thanks! You know it made me think about quantom machanics when you said the word observing…I remembered them saying something about when a particle is observed…it changes. Thanks!

jenandjuice22 – This was the best part of my day! Thank you!

mayasem – This feels good!! thx for sharing this.

unis2006 – wow this was great…I dont meditate but it made me feel so peaceful.

peacepalace – Thanks for the meditation, very simple and relaxing. Everything including our body is just the way it is. That’s all their is to know. 🙂

akintock – Thank You very much!!! it initiated my all inner spiritual levels.

Mawachi – Thank you. That took off a lot of my anxiety.

grantas1983? – thank you very much, it helps me alot.

megalosauru? – great, we observe our inner soul

clearviewmind? – Great. On observing my outer sourroundings i began to see clearer that everything is mere imputation of mind – The external things of my room are’nt actually external, but an internal reflection of mind experienced through the 5 senses.

rappersdelyte? – great. thanks.

JUSTRELAXANENJOY? – …it?s soo bloody simple – but IT WORKS !!!
It helps to get into the PRESENCE of HERE&NOW – that SILENT AWARENESS – the natural state of “our” (better “THE”) true SELF ! Thank you for that gift, Jim !

kaaliifire? – ym observation of u tube for a perfect obseving guided meditation has led me here… and what a perfection i have found… thank u… im made a plan to practice this type of LIVING 8by just observing) for one months… its 3rd or 4th day and – wow! what an adventure into simplicity… and creativity is just bursting – although i have no feeling that im creating anything… just allowing whatever comes… what a relief!

yogikanna? – i agree, just observe – dont run away from the thoughts or feeling, don’t encourage them, don’t resist them, don’t condemn them, just observe them….and you will notice that they will slow down and what is left is your pure, joyful and peaceful self.

EliaDempsey? – This was really helpful. Thank you.

spiritsworld? – I absolutely in bliss from listening to this. Observation and awareness is an unbelievable form of self centralization. words

snikouti? – simple and very effective… brings you to the here and now with minimum efforts. thank you

blcute? – wow thank you this was wonderfulllll

AussiSiren? – Wonderful! Passing along our connectedness through love and eternal blessings. The Corroboree Love Team

blacksavengers8? – that felt really good. thank you

homousios? – If I am not mistaken, Buddha in the Anapanasati Sutta, also used very repetetive phrases. Perhapsit it is to emphasise “Oberving yourself” as crucial. This was very helpful 6to me thanks

thepowerofnow? -very good exercise. Keeps us align to the self. Do u think that the end of a path cand be done with tehnics or exercises or is just spontanious ? Every enlight man or woman ive seen they say the same “you dont have to look anywere else” excuse my english thx
JimKitzmiller – The end of the path is total surrender to God.

AnnaIsabella90? – GREAT!! thanks.. I love this, more more more

Username880?- very relaxing. I have a question though: isn’t it incorrect to say there are two selves? one self can be and observe itself at once. its called self-awareness no?
JimKitzmiller?- The Ultimate Truth is that there is only the Self. Before we become enlightened, there is the illusion of many identities (selves). Each self is encapsulated consciousness with a set of beliefs, emotions, etc. We could typically be one identity while resisting an opposing identity that we’re subconsciously creating. Observer meditations unravel all that stuff. We get more freedom, more life energy, and get closer to our true Self.

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