Perfect Self Meditation

The Whole Class Was Astonished

We were all coaches and healers. We’d spent most of our lives in improving ourselves and others. Yet what we saw shook the very foundations of everything we believed.

Dr. Judith Kravitz, founder of The Transformational Breath Foundation, was teaching us an advanced class in Transformational Breathing.

About half way through the first day, Judith asked for a volunteer to come up front for yet another demonstration. We were about to see something that would make our heads spin.

You might have heard of muscle testing. It’s a technique to find out if something is good for us or bad for us. Chiropractors and other health practitioners use it all the time.

Judith tested the volunteer for a baseline. In other words, you have to start by making sure the testing works correctly.

Then came the earthquake. Judith asked everyone to send healing energy to the volunteer. Then Judith muscle tested again.

You’re not going to believe this. The person tested weak!!!

The volunteer weakened when we sent healing energy to her!!!

We were about to get the next earthquake to complete the collapse of what we thought we knew.

Judith asked everyone to see the person as already perfect in that moment. Guess what?

The volunteer tested strong?

She became weaker when we saw her as needing healing energy. She became stronger when we saw her as already perfect!!!

Whoa? What have I been doing all my life? What have we been taught?


Perfection happens where someone sees themselves or someone else as perfect and does something, or nothing, for the benefit of the other person. The word intention may not even apply. We see the person as already perfect. There is no intention to change anything.

Misguided intention

What the heck is misguided intention?

Misguided intention is where we see a person or situation as screwed up and we try to fix them.

Does that shake things up for you? It sure shook me up.

What have I been doing all my life? What have I been taught?

Sure, you can see things as messed up and fix them. For example, you can see a house as dirty. You can then clean it up. And yes, then it’s clean.

Does it stay clean? There is a never-ending activity of cleaning the house as it keeps getting dirty. Does that mean that, if you always see the house as clean, it will always be clean? You still go through the motions of cleaning.

How about self-esteem?

Please check out the video below.