Productivity vs. Inner Peace

Effortless - Productivity and Inner Peace

Aah! It feels so good to be peaceful. That peaceful, easy feeling seems to disappear once we try to accomplish something. Somehow it feels like a battle.

Actually in any new area we work our way through nothing happening, effort, and eventually effortlessness.

The effort band is a proving ground. There are several options available.

  • We can simply give up out of frustration.
  • We can flail away blindly without learning much and stay in a state of struggle.
  • We can step back and evaluate the situation. We might notice that an easy path is avaialable. Then we simply step on to the easy path.
  • We can keep learning and progrssing as we go. We persist and get smarter. We can operate at a high level by alternating between silence and activity. We can continue to raise our consciousness as we go.
  • We might recognize that this is not the ideal time for this activity. There are other actions which are more appropriate now.
  • We do what we can at the moment. When that is done, further steps might them become obvious where they were hidden before.

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With appreciation,
Jim Kitzmiller