Movie Feel Good Review – Riverdance

Movie Feel Good Review – Shining bright in the constellation of DVDs, the Riverdance performances uplift the spirit like few others.

There are at least three different versions available for rent. I’ve been enthralled with at least twenty-five viewings. And I’ve rented them multiple times from both Netflix and Blockbuster. They are that good.

Here is the list:

Riverdance: Live From New York City is the first one I saw. This was performed by the main troupe. However, Colin Dunne replaced Michael Flatley, the original male lead. Later I learned that after the first highly successful tour, Flatley refused to return when his impossible financial demands proved to be too impossible. Dunne, a multi-time world danced champion filled Flatley’s dancing shoes with perfection. Jean Butler rightfully continued as the female lead.

The lively performance invites a feeling of joy as you marvel at the seemingly impossible movements made in unison by the entire dance troupe. These physical artists all started as young children and were dedicated to Irish dance their entire lives.

One of the high points is the dance-off between two African American tap dancers and three Irish dancers. This joyous performance, choreographed by Colin Dunne, brings the entire music hall to their feet.

Later I marvelled at Riverdance: Live from Geneva. This featured an entirely different troupe that was as amazing at the first.

I finally saw Best of Riverdance. This recording told the entire story from the very beginning as a one time ten minute performance. The viewer sees how it mushroomed to a world-wide phenomenon. This shows performances by Michael Flatley, the Lord of the Dance. He exhibits a swashbuckling persona as he dominates the stage.

The three DVDs bring tears of joy. If you want to feel good, this is one very good way to do it.

The following video snippets give you an idea of the experience. However, the actual movies have much higher video quality.

Movie Feel Good Review: These are my favorite DVDs of all time.