Scientology and Dianetics

I devoted thirteen years of my life to Scientology and Dianetics. Would you like me to save you a few hundred thousand dollars and a couple decades of your life?

Although there is controversy surrounding the organization, that isn’t important for our purposes here. My experience was that the vast majority of the members are well-intentioned and very hard-working.

The purpose of this website is to offer you simple and free, or almost free, processes that you can use to discover and identify with Divine Essence.

With that in mind, let’s look at an executive summary of Scientology and Dianetics as they relate to our purpose.

  • There is an astronomical amount of information presented in many books and many hundreds of audio recordings.
  • Except for the introductory services, the prices are astronomically high and out of reach for most people.
  • The processing services require the assistance of a highly trained practitioner.
  • Most, if not all, of the processes are highly effective and produce a temporary state of euphoria. (The state is long lasting on processing that doesn’t delete negatives. There are some exceptions with processing that adds positives.)
  • The euphoric state is temporary because deleting a lot of negatives can produce a hole in the energy field around the body. The same, or similar problems can come back to fill in the hole. One of the Scientology bulletins explicitly states this and says that running lots of havingness processes resolves this problem. (Havingness processes help you become more aware of the here and now. They increase your ability to go for it.) For some reason, we won’t speculate why, that bulletin got lost and there is insufficient havingness processing in counseling sessions.
  • The Communication Training Routines are extremely helpful when done for many hours. However, they require a training course, a partner, and a schedule. Our observer meditations take it a step further. And you don’t need a course, a partner, or a schedule. Our divine essence meditations take it even farther.
  • Pleasure Moment Processing, a just-for-practice part of the Scientology Solo Course, produces persistent states of bliss. One Scientology organization started offering this as a service. Their public got so blissed out that they didn’t have any more problems. They stopped coming back for more services. The pleasure moment process was discontinued as a service. The Blissercise Book produces similar results with a different approach that doesn’t require a skilled practitioner.

That’s the executive summary of Scientology and Dianetics. If you do our free meditations frequently, and if you do lots of the exercises in the Blissercise Book, you’ll save yourself a couple of decades and a few hundred thousand dollars.

Hopefully you’re getting an appreciation for the value of what’s available on this website.

The guided meditations are free. Please make very good use of them. Please use them repeatedly.

The Blissercise Book costs about thrity-five bucks. There are over 400 blissercises (bliss exercises) that you can use to feel better and better and better …