Beyond Self-Discipline: How to Create Success, Self-Confidence, and Self-Esteem

Lack of self-discipline is the Achilles heel of good intentions.

We want to get through that pile of papers. We want to eat healthy food. We want to force ourselves to study so we can do a better job.

Yet somehow we can’t bring ourselves to do it. It isn’t interesting.

We want to pay attention to our spouse or friends when they’re talking to us. But we’re mentally churning on problems that consume our attention.

We know that we need to discipline ourselves and pay attention. Parents and teachers hammered that into us when we were children.

We beat ourselves up because we can’t seem to force ourselves to do what we feel we should do. Our self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image take hits over and over again.

What is one to do? What is going on?

Often we don’t have much interest or passion for doing the things that are really important.

We know that finishing that pile of papers will bring us a surge of energy and a feeling of freedom. But we can’t seem to bring ourselves to do it.

We know that making those phone calls will open up new areas in our lives.

We know that keeping attention on our spouse or friends while we’re conversing will improve our relationships. But we keep thinking about some problem.

How do we manage our attention?

We can do it the easy way. We can create our own interest.

Interest is senior to attention. And it’s easier to manage.

We can deliberately create our own interest in anything we choose. We can select the most important things in our life and deliberately create interest in those things. We can then act accordingly. This is beyond self-discipline.

We can create our own interest in preparing healthy meals and then act accordingly.

We can create our own interest in our products and services. And we can act accordingly. We learn more. We do a better job. We do more.

We are interested when we talk about our products and services. There is no need to shout. Other people pick up on our interest. They become more interested in buying our products or services.

We succeed. We get our work out into the world.

And who knows? Could we make more money this easily? You can try it. Let me know how it works for you.

How do we create interest?

One way is to use the amazing power of imagination. We can imagine that we’re interested in something of our choosing. Voila! We’re interested.

You can try it. You can choose something that’s not overly inspiring, perhaps organizing papers. Just imagine that you’re very interested filing those papers in a file cabinet. Keep on imagining that you’re interested. See it in your mind. Or, if you wish, feel how interesting that is.

You do have this power. It is amazing.

We can create our own interest in what’s important and act accordingly. That’s senior to self-discipline.

This can bring success. It can raise your spirits.

It can restore self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-image.

We can practice this frequently and become more and more interested in the important things in our life.

Please let me know how this goes. I care.

Your friend,
Jim Kitzmiller