Self-Esteem – Recognizing Your Own Value

Self Esteem – We have a tendency to beat ourselves up. It’s been said that we’re our own worst enemies.

There is nobody holding us down but ourselves. Mass consciousness can certainly be a limiting factor, especially on the physical plane. It impacts us also on the mental, spiritual, and emotional planes.

We can rise above these limits. The physical can take work – possibly a lot of work. We can rise much easier on the mental, spiritual, and emotional levels.

We might seem to be the odd ball if we don’t buy into all the popular paradigms. But we can learn to be okay as an odd ball. What is an odd ball is in the eyes of the beholder.

One person’s oddball is another person’s soulmate or ideal friend.

We can be who we are. As we evolve “who we are” changes. Often the changes are in ways that are not accepted by mass consciousness.

We can’t depend on approval from outside of ourselves. Recognition of our value is between us and God.

Just keep going with your own values and policy for living. If those values and that policy are positive, you will evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

Actually each decision we make impacts our karma and our level of consciousness.

How to Recognize Your Own Value

The basic truth is that you have infinite value. However there are some stepping stones you can walk to help you realize that value.

For one thing you can write a list of the things that you have contributed or are contributing to the world.

If you’re happy be sure to write that on the list. Your happiness contributes to the world in immeasurable ways.

If you’ve performed acts of kindness, please add those to the list.

If you’ve created something that helps people, please add that to the list.

If you’ve raised children that should definitely go on the list. Add as many details as you can think of.

You can keep adding to this list on a regular basis. Or you can simply come back to this list in the future and add to it.

Giving Your self Approval

There is no limit to what people will do to get approval. There are industries taking in billions of dollars helping people get approval. People will compromise their lives to get approval.

You don’t need to get approval from someone else. You can give it to yourself.

There is a five minute guided meditation that will help you with this. You can play the guided meditation by clicking here.

You are magnificent!