Self-Expression, Creativity, and Emotions

Creativity - Letting Go

Have you ever noticed that when you’re being creative you express yourself more? Or is it that your self-expression increases your creativity?

Which comes first? Maybe they enhance each other. When you express yourself you’re more creative. This works whether you’re talking to another person, a voice recorder, a video camera, or to your image in the mirror.

And it works the other way too. When you’re being creative you naturally express yourself more.

This whole formula works with writing too. If you’re stuck with writing something creatively, you can blast through by simply writing anything. Write nonsense. Before long you’ll be writing some worthwhile creative ideas. The idea is to just write.

Surrender control. Let go. Nonsense will come through. But there will be some gems and gold nuggets in the muck.

Although we want to behave well when in polite society, it’s a great idea to have some time and space where we can freely feel our emotions. We don’t have to edit emotions when we’re by ourselves.

Let emotions flow. Live life more fully.

We can open flows. We can invite new opportunities. We can open up to new positive experiences.

All this is alignment with the blog post about letting it go and letting it flow.

What do you think? I’d love it if you write a comment below.

With appreciation,
Jim Kitzmiller