The Structure of Suffering & Duality – How to Live In Inner Peace

Learn how to disassemble suffering and reach a state of inner peace. You can do this. Learn the structure of duality.

The news is filled with overwhelming threats of a swine flu pandemic, wars, crimes, and economic disasters. We read about multi-billion dollar bailouts while we are scrambling for bread crumbs.

The news gives us one basic message. Be afraid.

But do we really have to be afraid? Can we actually say no to fear?

Can we choose to let go of fear and enjoy the radiance of inner peace?

Let’s find out in this highly informative and very practical video.

Watch, listen, and learn:

  1. What is the only thing we have to fear? Can we rise above that?
  2. What are the mechanics of suffering?
  3. How do you escape from life’s traps?
  4. What is the best way to prepare for any situation?
  5. How can we optimize our health?
  6. How can we let go of uncomfortable emotions?
  7. When should we take action? When should we not take action?
  8. How do we get to a state of inner peace?
  9. What is a guaranteed way to help the world?
  10. How can you operate as a spiritual being in a physical world?
  11. What are the four types of immunity?
  12. How can we maximize them?