I Did It – I Got a Super Blender

I’ve been holding off on this for a year. My housemate happens to be an organic gardener and a nutrition expert. Last year he showed me a book with a zillion smoothie recipes. According to the book you can use various berry, fruit, and vegetable smoothies to improve a wide variety of health conditions.

I’ve done various fasts including a ten day water fast and a 28 day Master Cleanser fast. These all produced some great benefits.

On the ten day water fast I had one day of amazing mental clarity and creativity. The result of this was a pretty slick piece of computer software that I presented to the world.

Near the end of the 28 day Master Cleanser program I had a wonderful spiritual experience. Some people call this a satori. It’s a temporary semi-enlightenment state. The sense of peace and simplicity was wonderful. At the moment I lack the words to describe it.

However, these extreme fasts have their down sides. I spent most of the ten days of the water fast in bed. I felt quite debilitated.

Near the end of the 28 day Master Cleanse I started getting toothaches. Actually that’s the reason that the cleanse came to an end.

During each fast I dropped a bunch of weight. After each fast I gained back more weight that I lost. Hmmm. There was something missing.

What was missing was the complete foods. When we fast, such as in a juice fast, we discard the most nutritious part of the food. That’s the pulp. With most fruits the most nutritious part is the area just inside the outer skin and the seeds.

Avocado pits are extremely nutritious. Watermelon seeds are great. The white area just inside the watermelon pulp is quite nutritious.

You might notice that I’m not going into detail about what sort of goodies are included in each seed or pulp. That’s because I’m not a nutrition expert by any means. You probably know more that I do.

However, all of us have some sense about what kinds of stuff improve our health and what kinds of things don’t.

There’s one important thing I do know.

When it comes to food preparation I’m lazy. If it’s not quick and easy I won’t do it. I’ll go get some fast food “just this one time.” That one time extends itself into hundreds of times per year. My waistline also extends.

A Confession

Well here it is. My life is about raising consciousness. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put myself into a food coma.

So in my case it is necessary to make things simple. If it’s not quick and easy, then I won’t do it.

With my super blender I throw in avocado pits. I throw in the whole apple including the stem and seeds.

And I top it off with one tray’s worth of ice. Most blenders have a heck of a time with ice. My blender can grind rake handles. Of course nobody is going to consume a rake handle smoothie. But it demonstrates what can be done.

My smoothies have a great consistency.

If you’re lazy like me, or if you want to get the best leverage from your time and effort, you might want to get a Blendtec blender.

I do have a commercial interest in this recommendation. So this is one way to give back if you like what you’ve seen and heard on this blog.

If you order through my link then, I’ll give you a choice of one of the following:

A free copy of my eBook – Rocket Fuel for the Soul – Blissercise Self-Help Manual.

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Seven days of email support on any spiritual or personal issues that you might have.

You can claim your bonus by emailing me your order number after you order.

FYI, I ordered the Blendtec on Tuesday and received it at my door three days later.

I’ve used it every day since I got it. It’s a major part of my daily routine.

Note that this is expensive by most people’s standards – $399. To me it’s worth it’s weight in gold. I’ve felt more energy and mental clarity after I started using it.

Here’s the link to place the order. Click here.

May the bliss be with you.

Your friend,
Jim Kitzmiller