Test Yourself – Oneness or Duality?

Here is one way to look at how free you are. Are you stuck in duality? (Duality is the old I’m good, they’re bad game.)

Or are you approaching Oneness? If we’re worried about it, we’re still in duality.

Please feel free to print this page. It will make it easier to track your progress.

Peaceful Extreme (0)   Uncomfortable Extreme (10) Score Before
0 to 10
Score After
0 to 10

Totally quiet mind. No thinking. (0)

Extreme mind chatter. (10)

Nothing to prove to others (0)

Have to prove something to others (10)

No need to prove anything to self (0)

Have to prove something to self (10)

Very relaxed and alert (0)

Very nervous and jittery. Compulsively active. (10)

Totally aware of surroundings (0)

Don’t bother me. I’m thinking. (10)

Totally confident in ability to act, if choosing to act. (0)

Very unconfident in ability to act effectively. (10)

Totally comfortable doing any task. (0)

Total resistance to doing what needs to be done. (10)

Happy with the way things are. No need to change anything. (0)

Things must change before I can be happy. (10)

Feel totally comfortable by self. (0)

Absolutely must be around others. (10)

Totally comfortable with anybody around. (0)

Must be away from certain people or all people. (10)

No need to change self. (In enlightenment there is no self. There is only Self.) (0)

I must change myself before I can be happy. Guilt, shame.(10)

Life is great. (0)

Life stinks until certain conditions are met.(10)

Recognize the Divinity in others. (0)

Other people are messed up and it’s up to me to fix them.(10)

Feel wonderful NOW. (0)

Can feel good only when the world is fixed. (10)



What Now?

This website is a spiritual treasure chest of consciousness tools that can help you step out of the ego self / duality and move toward Oneness.

The six minute Observing Your self meditation is a great place to start. It is highly effective at reducing mental chatter and helping you let go of resistance – the cause of suffering. This highly popular meditation has been played about a quarter million plays.

The eight minute Perfection meditation takes you a step further. When you truly see everything as perfect, you are in Oneness.

There is a book with over four hundred bliss exercises that help you view life situations with a non-dualistic awareness.

Please feel free to browse this website and take advantage of all the resources available to you.

May the bliss be with you.

Jim Kitzmiller