The Downside of Simplicity

Downside of Simplicity

Simplicity is good. Right?

Well it is intrinsically good. Unfortunately the essence of our world is covered by impressions. These impressions are false creations of our egos. We see veils of illusion instead of Divine Essence.

We love to watch Indiana Jones overcome impossible odds and battle away to recover The Lost Arc. We buy lots of popcorn and the theater owners are happy.

But what would we do if Jones simply waved his hand and The Ark appeared in the desired destination? We certainly wouldn’t buy much popcorn. And we would probably want our ticket money back.

You might know that I’ve earned my living as a computer consultant. I developed application software for corporations.

The manager bought me a tuna fish sandwich. Admittedly the sandwich was really good. But it didn’t come close to covering the price of my gas to get there and back.

One time I visited the data processing manager of a local school district. He was wondering if it was possible to get a certain project done in three months.

So I drove fifty miles each way to meet with him  and his team of computer professionals. I solved the problem during the initial meeting. The computer pros sheepishly filed out of the room.

So instead of getting a three month computer programming contract, I lost money by presenting a simple solution.

On another occasion I programmed an accounting system for a certain kind of microcomputer. One of the computer manufacturers looked at the printout of my software. He said it couldn’t be worth much because the stack of paper wasn’t thick.

Never mind that the programming was very efficient. The efficient programming was estimated at a low value because there wasn’t a lot of it. Too efficient. Too simple.

Spiritual Entertainment

This same story seems to apply in the self-help / spiritual world. Many of the popular spiritual / self-help solutions are what you might call spiritual entertainment. Usually there is no significant improvement in the life quality of the people being entertained.

A short while ago somebody complained that my blissercises were not worth much because they all shared a common structure. Essentially they were too simple and easy to do.

The sad part is that she probably never did any of the blissercises because they were too simple. She missed out on huge life-changing benefits.

What is my responsibility in all this? Well, if I don’t present my material in a way that people will accept it, value it, and use it, then the fault is in my failure to communicate.

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