Movie Feel Good Review – The Queen

Movie Feel Good Review – This movie was the winner of numerous awards, especially for the acting by Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II.

This film is centered around the events following the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997. The Princess’ death was followed by a worldwide outpouring of feelings of grief.

Diana was loved by an overwhelming number of people.

Yet Buckingham Palace royalty made no statement on the subject. After all, since the divorce from Prince Charles (Alex Jennings), Diana was no longer an official member of the royalty.

Never mind that the Princess was the mother of the Queen’s grandchildren.

Sensing a public relations disaster, Prime Minister Tony Blair (Michael Sheen) did everything possible to advise the arrogant queen to make a public statement of support for the late princess.

This DVD rental showed Blair’s artistry as it changed the course of history. It was not only God save the Queen. It was Blair save the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II viewpoint was that it was only necessary to shield her grandchildren from the situation. So she supported their participation on hunting trips while the world mourned.

One very interesting sequence portrayed an interesting contrast of emotions. Elizabeth felt awe for the beauty of a stag deer while she seemed to feel indifference for Diana.

This story of an interesting part of English history portrays the interplay of royal pride, arrogance, compassion, and public relations. Elizabeth equated humility with humiliation.

It’s a fascinating study of ego, human emotions, and public relations.

Movie Feel Good Rating: Very well done. It’s well worth the viewing.