The Truth – Imagine That

It’s been said that what we see is the world of illusion. Great spiritual teachers have said that the Real Truth lies behind a veil of illusion.

The sages have said that everything is perfect the way it is. That’s the Real Truth. All is immensely beautiful. All radiates its’ inner splendor.

You might say “Yeah, but I just spent an hour on the freeway. What can I do about it?”

You can use your imagination. Relax, soften your focus and put your attention on the entire space as best you can. Imagine that everything is perfect the way it is.

You can do this for a minute. Or you can do it every waking moment.

When you’re just starting this exercise, please don’t do it while you’re driving. After some practice, you can also do it while you drive.

This practice produces an instant change in the way you see Life. It feels amazingly good. You can do this exercise frequently throughout the day.

Try it. You’ll love it! It can bring you to bliss, peace, and possibly beyond.

The amazing artwork is by Daniel B. Holeman.

Your friend,
Jim Kitzmiller