The Value of a Daily Routine

Daily Routine

Daily routines seem to be as old as mankind. Milk the cows. Plow the fields. Cook meals. We keep doing that on a daily basis and sure enough … we wind up with crops. But the crops might not have been visible for quite some time. But we still kept up the daily routine.

The same lessons apply today. We might not always see improvements right away. But if we keep plugging away in a reasonably correct direction, the rewards will come.

Of course there might be situations that could derail our efforts. And we might encounter difficulties with the changes that come to us in our accelerating world.

Another post suggests some choices that are most effective in the changing world.

You can do amazing things one step at a time. You’ve probably heard that bit of wisdom – “The longest journey …”.

The following video can give you some perspectives.

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  1. gypsy genie. says:

    Thank you Jim. I appreciate your videos. :)

  2. Alice says:

    Jim, your website is wonderful and a welcomed retreat from my hectic days. My boyfriend sent me a link about productivity. He has been staying with me for 6 months now and doesn’t understand why I work so hard running a small business with no employees. I work around the clock and manage my entire biz without any accountants, lawerys or part time employees. But I love what I do and have been in biz for 13 yrs. I’m trying to keep things simple and never have to work in the corparate world again. He loves your website and strives for inner peace daily. However, he doesn’t want to work although he has started a part time job and he has a serious illness that requires medication. He’s not at an age where he can retire and he’s broke with no health insurance. Please, if you will, write a story about having to sometimes do what we don’t want to do. I have been supporting him and taking care of him but I’m going broke from enabling him. I love him unconditionally but I would like for him to contribute to the rent, utilities, etc so we can retire at an early age and live a peaceful, simple life. Could you help us both find the balance we need to survive this crazy recession? Thanks!

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