USA Bailout Spending = $76,000 Per Person

I don’t usually get into such matters on this blog. But this whole economic situation is ridiculous. It’s messing up peoples’ lives.

The recent bailout has come to $23.7 trillion by one estimate. And there is no end in sight. There doesn’t seem to be any accounting of where this money went.

This spending comes to about $76,000 per US citizen. If that money would be given equally (and gradually) to each US citizen we’d be in an economic boom, not an economic recession or depression.

Businesses boom when people have money. This includes businesses big and small, new and old.

There would be a skyrocketing of production and sales of things people want. There would be very little production of things people don’t want. People could choose jobs that make sense – not just scarce jobs grasped out of desperation.

There would be a huge increase in personal creativity and fulfillment.

Families would be more harmonious. People would be realizing their dreams.

Why can’t the government get this right? You tell me.

Your friend,