Videos: Letting Go and Letting It Flow

Letting Go and Letting It Flow

I was raised and educated to be very structured. From my engineering perspective everything was carefully planned and flowed in a predetermined sequence.

My management science training included a system called PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique). Everything was timed perfectly. Workers had to build the foundation of the house well before calling in the roofers. It all happened according to plan.

I made a living as a systems engineer and a software developer. Parts of my life were all structured nicely. And I was befuddled by what wasn’t fitting into my linear view of the world around me.

In our accelerating world, structures seem to come and go faster than we can comprehend.

It’s becoming more necessary to simplify. And working with flows is a tremendous way to simplify. It’s like using a giant lever to lift the world.

Three Ways

There are actually three ways to let go and let it flow.

  1. Flow with current(s)
  2. Stay in one place and let current(s) flow through us
  3. A combination of both

But all this is a topic for another blog post. For now, here are two videos that will help.

The first video talks about stepping back, relaxing, and allowing stream of consciousness speaking.

It talks about how stream of consciousness activity can work within structure.

It talks about how gaps of silence can work within a stream of consciousness flow.

You might already have seen the second video on YouTube or elsewhere on this blog.

It prepares you for working with flows by helping you get into a state of not-trying. You step back and relax.

You get into a state of non-effort or minimal effort.

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