What I Do While Lying Awake

If you’re like me, you’ve had plenty of times when you were lying awake in bed and you would have really liked to be sleeping.

Sometimes I find my mind racing trying to solve some pressing problem. Sometimes I’m excited about wonderful possibilities.

All these are okay, but there are some deliberate choices that I make in order to make good use of the time.

Most recently I’ve been using my Amega Wand to infuse my body with Zero Point Energy.

However, there is also an exercise which can produce the following benefits.

  • Quieting of the mind
  • Physical relaxation
  • Mental clarity
  • A feeling of love
  • A feeling of peace
  • Sleep

It’s basically a two step process.

  1. Place attention on your body and imagine that it’s filled with Infinite Love.
  2. Place attention on some object in the room, such as the floor or a wall, and imagine that it’s filled with Infinite Love.

Keep repeating those two steps – back on the forth. I generally spend about a half a minute on one step before going to the other step. You can set your own pace.

That’s all there is to it. It feels wonderful. And it can get you to sleep.

Please enter a reply below and let me know how this works for you.

Your friend,
Jim Kitzmiller

P.S. This is also a great exercise to do at various spare moments throughout the day. It’s great to do while waiting for something or taking coffee breaks.