What is Bliss Writing?

The following is the title page and the preface from my first bliss written novel – Duke Blisser and the Meditating Marines.

Gliding on Life’s Winds with God – An Example of Using Bliss Writing to Have a Life of Radiant Health, Abundance, and Bliss

The purpose is to use bliss writing to imagine and create a better life for the author.

Bliss Writing is an extremely powerful method of self-improvement and spiritual growth. The benefits are almost too great to imagine.

For one thing, you can sit down with a notepad and pen, or a computer and type your way to a better life. This is absolutely amazing. You can take great strides toward your new life in as little as twenty minutes, or ten minutes if you’re pressed for time.

Perhaps the ultimate is writing a novel in a month.

The benefits include:

  • increased self confidence
  • increased creativity
  • increased intelligence
  • greater imagination
  • greatly increased level of consciousness
  • improved physical