What Should I Say About My Health?

It’s common for people to complain about their health issues. Many people love to drone on and on about their operations and their medications.

Should I do that?

Well, if someone tells you about any real or imagined health problems, then they’re inviting you to hold a mental picture about them having those issues. And they’re strengthening their own image of them having those health problems.

However, the opposite holds true. I can create images of my perfect health. I can tell you and others truthful positive things about my health. This helps support our mutual creation of my optimum health.

My breathing exercises are increasing my life energy and connection with The Divine.

I’m using my new blender to create healthy meals and snacks. I’m feeling energetic and alert.

I’m doing the right exercises for me.

I love to make and eat healthy salads.

I’m blessed to share a home with an organic gardener and nutrition expert.

My spiritual practices enhance every area of life, including my health.

How about you?