Movie Feel Good Review – The World’s Fastest Indian

This feel good movie, The World’s Fastest Indian, provides a true example of someone who lived life in unconditional love.

Anthony Hopkins’ character, Burt Munro, was indeed a character. He did oddball things that disturbed the peace, such as mowing his lawn by setting it on fire. Yet everyone loved him.

He makes instant friends with everyone he meets. And he befriends a wide variety of people. Most people would reject these unique individuals because they conflict with common prejudices.

This feel good movie features a character who is a practical genius, creating and fixing things with whatever happens to be in his environment.

This charismatic individual quickly gathers a support group in his endeavor to set a world land speed record.

Although the movie starts out a bit slow, it hooks you as you get into it.

The DVD rental is available through most video rental services. You can check out the trailer below.

Movie Feel Good Review: Lots of fun. Heartwarming. Uplifting.